3rd Grade

Candi Pedersen

contact Me: candi.pedersen@dsd2.org

503.623.8367 ext 4019

A little bit about me:

A little about me:

My favorite things are kids, dogs and horses. I try to spend as much time as possible with my favorite things! 

 I love to be outside as much as possible regardless of the weather.  I enjoy hiking, trail riding, beach days, working in my garden in Dallas, and working on our remote ranch in Idaho when school is out. 

I have been a teacher for over 30 years. This includes 20 years as a special education teacher in Oregon and Idaho.  I have been teaching at Lyle for over 10 years now! I love all the connections this has brought, and look forward to mastering the new models of education.

goals for the year:

Goals for the year:

My school goal is to provide the students in my class have an excellent (and productive) 3rd grade year. To make this happen, I will: 

  1. Make meaningful connections with my students and their families.  We will walk together  through the new model of education. 

  2. Be sure that my students’ academic and social-emotional needs are recognized and met.

  3. Overcome my personal and professional weaknesses with technology and embrace the opportunities to grow a new skill set. 

  4. Provide differentiated instruction and experiences for all my students. 

  5. Promote a growth mindset in my classroom and school. 


Personal Goals this year:

  1. To continue to advance the training of my horses and dogs. 

  2. Have regular contact and fun with my family.

  3. Continue to work through the ongoing remodeling/upgrading in my house.

current studies:

Current Studies:

*I am currently learning how to use and implement our Learning Management System (Canvas) as well as our new curriculum (Ready Math/Reading).

*I am learning to use new devices to implement these systems and curriculum.

*I am continuing to work on differentiated instruction, and how to apply that in a distance learning setting. 

*I recently completed a program through WOU called DEMILO (Developing Math Instructional Leaders in Oregon). It was an in depth study of Elementary Math instruction, techniques, and best practices. I am planning to continue my growth in math,  and to use these excellent math instruction techniques with the students in my classroom.




Kids A-Z


Math Manipulatives 


Mystery Science

Moby Max

volunteer opportunities:

I generally have volunteers for reading and math times to provide students with more support for these important academics. This year will be complicated for that. When/if we get back to in class instruction, I will revisit this need.

Please access Classroom Heroes (link) if you are able to volunteer. They will provide classrooms with volunteers when the time comes we can access that, and be able to provide you with other volunteer opportunities at Lyle.

classroom needs:  

This is complicated with our Covid situation. I will let you know if specific needs occur. If you have needs or can donate, please contact The Kindness Club (link).

They are able to collect and distribute food and other supplies to our school age kids and families.