Physical Education

Trenda Locke

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Hello Lyle Lions families,


I hope each of you is doing ok adjusting to our different ways of learning and teaching. Hopefully as we get a little bit more used to it, it will get a little bit easier. The very hardest part, that won’t get easier, is not getting to be right with you. But the good news is, we can do hard things, so we will just keep at it and eventually we will get to see each other for real!

So the plan for our distance learning PE is as follows. I will post 2-3 connections/ activities a week on our website link. It may be a exercise activity, a game, a dance or just some form of connection. Please be completely clear that these are opportunities for the kids to be active. They are completely optional. If your children are active in different ways and you don’t need or want them to do these, that is completely fine.

Parents, your patience in all of this is so appreciated- this is newer to me than to some of you. My goal is to not add more pressure and stuff to your already overwhelmed life,  but hopefully give your kiddos a few ideas for active time. Please feel free to join them on any of the activities or give them the directions and send them out in the yard to get it done. Thanks for what you are doing each day with them.



Just keep moving!

Mrs. Locke

WEEK 1 - April 13-17

If you are interested in doing a little bit of exercise, the Trailblazer organization is going a great workout every morning.  Parents, I know you are probably trying to limit screen time, but some of the things I will be putting out are on screen.  Remember, these are just options, not required at all.  This is a great way to get your kiddos to work off a little energy even if you only use it when they can't get outside.  The link is attached below.  Thank you for all you are doing with your kids, try to enjoy that sunshine and play?  

WEEK 2  - April 20-24

I hope you are finding lots of ways to stay active while you are at home.   Here are a few more little activities you can do to practice some of our exercises and make your heart happy.  If you aren't sure what one of the exercises is, make something up.  Just have fun and keep moving.  

I will be putting out some links to other exercise activities later this week as well as a video where we can do some things together.  

Have a good week.  

I haven't ever done very much yoga, but my daughter really likes it.  Go to this link and give it a try with some Pokemon yoga.  If it is something you have fun with there are many other yoga videos you can follow - just go to Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube! 

Get ready Friday for a at home TEAM time dance.  I will start with one of our favorites - check in to see and dance along with me!  Enjoy your stretching - Namaste!!

Go outside and play - 

Mrs. Locke :)


Singing the the Rain Friday


WEEK 3  - April 27-May 1


Lyle Lions - Here are a few more activity sheets that you can use to get some activity if you aren't already doing your own thing.  I hope you have a good week.  

You know how I love the Beavers and they are wanting to share some gymnastics, tumbling and stretching with you.  Please go to this YouTube site and enjoy.  Go Beavs!! 


WEEK 4  - May 4-May 8


Good morning Lyle Lions - I have been posting weekly fun exercise activities that you could choose to do if you want to. This one is a little bit different because it is the whole month. If you are a Star Wars fan, it might be a fun challenge for you to keep track of. At the end of the month I will let you know how I did and what level I earned and if you want to email me and tell me your level we can celebrate long distance!! Have fun, keep moving and May the 4th be with you!!!


WEEK 5  - May 11-May 15

Hey Lyle Lions - here are some activities for you to try if you can’t think of something else to keep you active. Remember, staying active will help you stay healthy - it’s good for your body and your brain. Check back later this week for some video activities you can try with me or someone else at home. I miss you - Mrs. Locke.

  • Stand with your side to target

  • Ball in the hand away from your target

  • Arm positions - letter  T / L / Throw

  • Finish with your follow through by pointing to your target

Have fun and try throwing at lots of different targets with using different things to throw.  


WEEK 6  - May 18-May 22


WEEK 7  - May 26-May 29

Lyle Lions - Happy Tuesday!  I hope you had a good weekend.  here are some activities you could choose to do for some different exercises around the house or yard.  Have fun and keep moving!  Miss you all - Mrs. Locke

Hey Lions - a good summer activity - FRISBEE! I have some helpers that used to be Lyle Lions - Asher Olliff, Polly Olliff and Ahpymm McDaniel - I love when lions come back to help me!! Have fun and get outside and PLAY!! A heads up - next weeks video is going to have some special guests having lots of fun!!!


WEEK 8 - June 1-June 5

Watch Mr. Button, Mr. Peterson and Mrs. Locke have some fun with field day stations. Go outside and see if you can try a few of these. We miss you -


Last Week - Have a Great Summer

Last PE video - have a great summer and I can't wait to see you next fall.